Speech Therapy Bilingual

Why Speech Bilingual and Services

Speech Bilingual has a thorough understanding of how to appropriately service children’s communication needs. We are fully equipped to identify, diagnose, and treat a variety of speech and language pathology disorders including those related to:

  • 1 Fluency
  • 2 Receptive Language
  • 3 Expressive Language
  • 4 Social Skills
  • 5 Speech Production
  • 6 Voice/Resonance
Why Speech Bilingual and Services
Why Choose Us

Our Core Values

Creative Activities

Therapy sessions are creative, fun, and playful to keep your child engaged while still developing new communication skills.

Happy Environment

Therapy is provided in the home to ensure your child will benefit from learning in a familiar and comfortable setting.

Active Learning

Therapy sessions are also designed to help your child with early literacy skills while developing speech and language skills through active learning. Children are learning and building their basic preliteracy skills and phonemic awareness at the same time. These are the building blocks of education and communication.

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